Sent letter with THETA DRAGON artwork to Saatchi Gallery because I wanted to! Now they have my artwork.


Got a nice email stating they can not accept unsolicited submissions and I can pick it up. I wrote them back that it is a gift for them and they replied it will be stored.
This email means the world to me and I’m grateful to know Saatchi has one my pieces stored. Much love, Terese


At American Independence Day, Pulitzer winning art critic Jerry Saltz, liked on my Instagram profile 4 pictures I put and commented on 2. He wrote “Like” and liked my SHIT painting, on a while still drying picture of SHIT. This could have not made me any happier. He also asked me to report a fake profile, after I asked him about an imposter writing and following me, as I did. Imposter asked me money after a really weird story of not wanting his management to know about a $200 000 briefcase at a shipping company. He wanted me to collect the briefcase and pay for the shipping fee after I could get my share of the money. This imposter wanted $1000 from me for the shipping fee. I did not hesitate to report this fake profile and for the private messages content as well. ♡



Will be having for sale in at least three places this summer my artworks for sale. One is in Hanko, Finland and the other in Fiskars, Finland and Helsinki Kalasatama. More info soon.


October 8th I’ll be having a home atelier exhibition at my new house as well December 15th and 26th.

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